Another chapter begins…

Change abound, a new blog, a new finally the real me!  This year has been amazingly different than those past, and while sloughing off much of the old, I’ve decided to start off with a new blog.
Where will this blog go?  I’m not really sure yet, and I think I’ll just let it go where it must!  I will no longer try to fit a mold, I will allow myself to be who I was meant to be.  A life fulfilled for me, myself, and me.  
I am weird…
     I am random…
          I do things a little differently…
I smile constantly…
     I laugh a whole heck of a lot [often at myself]…
          And as my boyfriend tells me – I shit sunshine!
I know I’m a bit different, the personality that comes out may not be what people expect, but I’ve finally come to realize – I’m not living for them.  I’m living for me.  This is me, like it or leave it.
So here it starts, me being me, all that I am!

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