Where has time gone?

And then it was April!
Life has been crazy, and full of change and acceptance once again…  School will soon be over, our lease will soon be up, and the immense task of finding a job is well at hand.  And the job search has expanded to other states – which I’m not so sure how I feel about that – but I know God has a plan, and he has a place for me to go.  I am just working to be more patient to let him show me what it is!
In the meantime, to help keep myself “sane”…I’ve been squeezing in quilting where I can!  One of my latest finishes was for my Mr. Man’s birthday!  It was a big one for him this year, the big 4-Oh!  And I hadn’t made a quilt for him yet, so I figured what better gift than an awesome quilt [with fabrics he picked out, I might add]!
All kinds of awesome robot and gear fabrics.  Mr. Man loves him some gears!
And the awesome gear fabric I found went perfectly on the back for my Mr. Man!
It really turned out so awesome!  I told him if he really didn’t like it, I would have no problem using it.  But of course, he wouldn’t put it down.  It is so wonderful to have a man who enjoys using the quilts just as much as I enjoy making them!
Well, until next time!

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