Scrappy Circles

Now that Mr. Man’s quilt has been finished and given, I figured I should share my next endeavor that has been in the works.  Mom started off by doing one of these, and of course, I just felt the need to follow suite.  It was a pattern that Mr. Man liked as well, and was open to having as a quilt for our bed.  Yes!  There is my push to go!!  [Not that I so much needed a push, heck, I never need a push when it comes to quilts!]
So I searched through my stash to find any and all fabrics that I wanted to throw in the mix for this scrappy quilt.  Mom had a few leftovers, so naturally I went through hers as well!
Just a very small selection of the blocks, there are a total of 144 blocks!  This is going to be a big one!
I tried to snap more pictures, but of course, Clifford thought it was just a big playground for him.  He also thought he would help out a bit, and anytime I tried to snap a shot of him…well, he just ended up as a little grey blur!
Since I couldn’t get a picture of him helping us, here is a picture of our odd little kitty who apparently likes sleeping in sinks!
I’m hoping to have this little ginormous ditty finished this summer so we can have it when we move.  Once school is done, I will just be power-housing on it!  In addition to moving, job searching, training, and studying for my licensing exam of course!  No rest for the wicked!

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