Heaven of Inspiration

So many exciting things lately!  School is done, summer is here, we’re finally moving, and a wonderful day was spent with Mr. Man today!
First off…school is done!  Not just for summer, but for good!  I finished Skills!  My final exam was Thursday, and I passed!  Yes, I stayed and waited to see my score rather than wait until Monday to get my score.  Now the next hurdles are the licensing test in June and to find a job – which could be quite a task on it’s own…  But I’m done!  Yay!  I can honestly say that on Thursday night the happy dance had come out and I’ve been happy dancing since!
So now is a time of some relaxation since I haven’t been able to do much for the last two years of school.  Today that was spent going on a pottery tour with Mr. Man.  And boy was it inspiring!  There were so many pieces to look at, and so many things that got the creative juices flowing.  I can tell you, Mr. Man is ready to get working with clay again even though school is over.  He will be doing a bit of work over the summer though, thank goodness!
Just at the first stop, we knew it was going to be an adventure.
Tables and tables of gorgeous pottery!  This was the first stop and only a few of the tables.
Mr. Man in a Heaven full of inspiration!
A beautiful pitcher.
A gorgeous crock that will be in our kitchen.
It has definitely a great day full of sun, walking, creativity, and time with my love!  I’m now all ready to create with no materials!  Things are in boxes, or in the process of going into boxes while the moving process is in full swing.  It will be nice to be out though, let me tell ya! 
Well, until next time!  I must get a bit more packing done…and Pinterest seems to be calling my name!

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