Some call me…



I call myself a quilter!  I know it is a little unusual – well, maybe not so much these days – to find someone in their 20’s who quilts.  Not just sews, but quilts!  And I’m talking a stash collecting, quilt show attending, binding sewing quilter.  It’s one thing I’ve found that helps me to stay sane in this crazy thing called life.

I was taught to sew by my mom, a former home-ec teacher, back when I was….oh man…10 years old or so.  Man, that makes me feel old!  Anywho, then she started getting into quilting, and I followed suit.  We began going to quilt shows and lectures, going on what I like to call “quilty excursions” (a.k.a. quilt shopping), and eventually introducing two of my girls to the wonderful world of quilting!  My girls had never really been taught how to sew – except for the little middle school projects we did – and expressed an interest in learning how.  It has now turned into a once a week thing, and its sew wonderful to have a night just for us girls (no pun intended…wink)!

One of the girls’ first projects.

And now that school is done, I am finally able to join again!  At least every other week…for now.  But that is much better than not at all!

So what brought this all up…

I have a quilt journal that I started way back when to track my progress, and I was just looking at it tonight after doing a little sewing.  Welcome to a few of my favorites!

4-Patch Flip Christmas Quilt

Flamingo Quilt

Mr. Man’s Birthday Quilt

Veggie Placemats

Wall hangings for Salami & Dan-Shman

 Just a selection of some of the favorites.  So many made, and so many left to be created.

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