"Modern Antiquity" and Next!

Another quilt to add to the finished list!  “Modern Antiquity” has been finished!
Finishing the quilting.
“Modern Antiquity” – being used as soon as it was finished!
“Modern Antiquity” is my modern interpretation of a Dresden Plate antique quilt that I found at a garage sale last summer for $5.  That’s right, Five Dollars!!
My best garage sale find ever!
Beautiful fabrics in beautiful condition!
The quilt is all hand sewn and hand quilted.  It measures 72″ by 90″.  I snatched it up as soon as I saw it sitting on a table in the garage.  I looked at the tag, and couldn’t quite make out what the price was.  I went to the people holding the garage sale and asked to verify the price.  There was a man and a woman sitting at the table, and the man looked at me and said, “$5.”  I immediately said, “I’ll take it!”  I then asked if they knew the story behind the quilt.  Always something that should be documented if it is known.  The man stated that his maternal grandmother made the quilt, but he didn’t know much else.  My mom and I studied the quilt a bit when I brought it home, and we estimate it to be at least 70 or 80 years old, made sometime in the 1930s.  The quilt was in beautiful condition with the minor fact that the binding was fraying.  I put a new white cotton binding on to help preserve the quilt, and it has received much love in my family thus far.
As Mom and I have always said:
“Quilts are made to be used and loved, not to just be looked at.”
I hope that my quilts will forever be used and loved by generations to come as this antique one will be in my family!
And onto the next quilt!
I have been collecting golf fabric for quite some time now, and decided that would be the next creation. These fabrics have all been cut and the assembly has begun on a brick quilt.  I wanted something somewhat scrappy looking, and did not want to buy more fabric (other than that for the back).  As I was looking though Mom’s collection of inspiration, I was drawn to the brick pattern for just that reason.
The golf collection.
“Par for the Course” in assembly!  No, it won’t be two quilts, we just didn’t have enough floor space with the boxes that remain from the move… ;o)
And with that, the next quilt is well underway!  I am on a mission to go through and complete at least one bin of my WIPs (Works in Progress) before purchasing fabric for anything new!  And thankfully the amount in one bin is beginning to dwindle.
Until next time…enjoy!

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