Stash Enhancement

After dropping Grandma off at her Seniors Club this morning, I had a few errands to run.  And then I saw a garage sale sign!  (Anyone who knows me knows that I love garage saling!)
I almost didn’t go, but then my car turned all on it’s own at the last minute.  Boy, am I glad I went!
These ladies didn’t know what they had!  I walked in…and the right half of the garage was a quilter’s paradise!  I swear I heard angels singing somewhere and saw light shining down.   Then I saw them, two large bins of fabric, all kinds, and most were quilt quality!  No price, I looked around, only a few pieces had stickers…marked $1??  But this piece has to be at least a yard!  Keep quiet…don’t let them know what a bargin this is!  Contain your excitement, act cool.
“How much is the fabric?”
Older lady looks over at me.  “Oh, 10 pieces for a dollar, unless it’s marked.  It all came out of a storage locker we cleaned out.  Man, I always thought it would be fun to make a quilt, but I never will.”
At this point I am jumping up and down inside!  Somersaults, shouting!  Contain yourself!
“Here hun, have a seat, you look like you know what you’re looking for,” the other lady brought a chair over for me.
“Oh yes, I am a quilter.”  *Smile!
And I went through both huge bins of fabric…like the big plastic storage bins you get from Target….and spent an hour, yes an hour, looking through it all.
So many beautiful pieces!  Everything from solids to stripes, dots to geometric, tone on tone, marbled, metallic flecked, holiday, you name it!  I filled my two paper sacks full of fabric, then I saw the notions and others on tables.
All my goodies stuffed into two Cub bags.
After a total of an hour and a half (record of longest time at a garage sale for me), I walked out with many awesome finds:
  •  Approximately 64 yards of fabric (yes, I checked!)
  • A brand new pack of Heat & Bond
  • A mini Iron
  • Ric Rac
  • Buttons
  • Sewing Machine needles
  • Quilt clips
  • …and other misc. notions
Wahoo!!  And all of this for the price of……$27!!  Garage sale steal of the year!
All my goodies!!
One woman’s stash significantly decreased – and mine has now significantly increased!!  After saying yesterday that I wouldn’t purchase any fabric until at least one bin of WIPs has been complete has now been completely flushed down the toilet.  But really, now no more…unless I find another garage sale!
Until next time!

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