Diligent WIP

I’ve recently decided to finish as many WIPs as possible with what is left of summer.  {for those who don’t know, in the quilting world, a WIP is a Work In Progress.  aka- all the projects we start, then find another awesome one to start, and another awesome one…and so the cycle goes…}  I have a few tops finished, some pieces all together, and some fabrics just paired together waiting for the right pattern to come along.

And then there’s this one!  My batik Grandmother’s Flower Garden!  I have been working on this little diddy since February 2009.  Why has it taken me so long you ask?  Well, it is all hand-sewn.  That’s right, every piece has been sewn together by hand!

Each hexagon starts out at 2 inches, then it is basted and sewn together.  I fell in love with the Grandmother’s Flower Garden pattern when I was little while watching my grandmother make quilts with this pattern.  And yes, she still sews, pretty much all by hand, with all of the traditional patterns!  Throughout history, it has typically been in a garden pattern with a solid center, patterned petals, and surrounded by white fabric then connected to the other flowers.  In my variation, however, I decided to connect the flowers with cobblestones.  And rather than vintage feedsacks, or pastel patterned fabrics, I decided to use batiks.  I love how organic the patterns are and how striking the colors are!

I work on it a bit at night when watching TV, or in the car on trips.  Here and there, it’s been coming together nicely!  Right now it measures at approximately 65″ x 70″, and 136 flowers.  I’m not quite sure how big it will get, but I’m loving it!  Once I get to the point that I am happy with the size, it will be hand quilted as well.  This, by far, is my most diligent WIP!

Until next time!

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