Moustache foolery!

The girls and I were having a fabric lesson given by Salami at JoAnn’s last night for our weekly sewing date, and I really wasn’t planning on buying any fabric.  Really, I wasn’t.
And then I found Moustache fabric!!  Now, Mr. Man has been slightly obsessed with the whole moustache craze.  I must admit, I think they’re a bit fun too.  I’m not quite sure what I am going to make with it just yet, still waiting for that perfect project to come along, and I know it will!
So we did a little photo shoot with the ‘stache fabric!
I had to start it off.  Rather fitting I would say!
(please don’t mind the hair…it was a day of sewing – not of beauty!)

Then Mr. Man wanted a turn!
And Grandma!  The best yet!
Up next was Salami!  Very Yosemite Sam of you!
And last but not least, Cliffy needed one!
And we found just the perfect mini one for him!
Until next time!

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