Craftiness Craving

I met with some of my lovelies tonight for dinner, both of whom I have known since high school [sooo many years ago] but haven’t seen in far too long!  Well, the three of us are crafty and bloggy chicks, and it got me wanting to create!  Before I continue….I shall share their blogs!  Miss Cherie! and Miss Ann!

So when I got home, I had this need.  This need to make something.  And I went to my trusty creativity board…Pinterest!  I opened my “Must Make this!” board and started searching for something to feed my need.  I knew I had a lot of things on there that I’ve pinned….but I didn’t realize how many….  I have 344 pins on there!  That’s a whole lot of ideas!  I was bound to find something!

And then I found it.  Something I had always been thinking that I wanted to start, but hadn’t gotten around to it.  What better time than now??

Memories of 2012!
A jar that will have memories added throughout the year that Mr. Man & I will open during the last week of the year and remember the wonderful times we had in 2012!

Then I started thinking of other things that I have already made that were inspired by that board.  I know a couple of them have already been posted, but these haven’t!

Flower Garland made of empty toilet paper rolls.
And my Christmas Wreath!  Probably one of my favorite projects!

And now I am back to the board to see what else I should make!

Until next time!

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