Anyone who knows me…

…knows that I love a good garage sale!

Since I’ve had a couple days off from work, and so many ideas of things to make running through my head, I decided I would do a bit of garage saling this weekend!

Now, I will start by saying….there are definitely many times where one man’s junk is another man’s junk.

But there are those times when that man’s junk turns out to be my treasure!  And boy did I find a few treasures this weekend!

First off – something that Mr. Man spotted!  As soon as he saw it, he started thinking ceramics!  And it had to come home with us.  Now to get him working with that clay again!

I then found this piece sitting just as seen here.  And I started wondering…what is this little diddy?

Then I figured it out!  Awesome!  Just a little clean up and new board cover and good as new!
A wood crate that will either be used as an end table, or to store quilts in!

A beautiful antique side table.

A wool felt bowler hat.  I will explain this one in a moment.

And a box full of brand new crayons for some Pinterest inspired art!

And the best part of the trip…found on Craig’s List for free (!!!!!)

A chaise lounge!  Yep, it needs a bit of love, but the structure and frame are in beautiful shape!

Yay!  And these are just the big finds, I got little things as well, and some clothes for Mr. Man and myself (no, we have no problem wearing things from garage sales.  You can actually find some really great things!  Just wash ’em up and you’re good to go!)

Now for the bowler hat: I had seen on Pinterest (I know…I said I am slightly obsessed) a photograph with a room full of vintage hat light fixtures.  I showed the picture while still in awe to Mr. Man and that was it, Mr. Man and I were on a mission to make at least one of our own!  So imagine my excitement when I saw the hat sitting at a lady’s garage sale!  The hat is in beautiful condition, not so vintage – her children wore them only a few times while showing horses.  But heck, I didn’t care!  Vintage or not, I couldn’t pass this up!  So I swooped the hat up and was on my way!  As soon as I had a free moment, I jumped online to find that picture again, and stumbled upon  Hello happy tutorial!  The pendant light hasn’t been made yet, but you know when it is…you will see it!

After my adventures garage saling, Mr. Man and I were off to celebrate his little nephew’s birthday with the family!  And I am so happy that I got to finally be present at a family event.  It’s not always fun missing because of work, but that comes with the job (and thankfully they understand that!).  Since we were going out ( I know not really out, but still…), I decided to wear my cute new (bought on clearance!) shoes!

Adorable and comfortable!  Double plus!

Well, an eventful day it was!  I am now off to get my beauty sleep!

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