Vintage Quilt & A Finish!

Was out garage saling again!

Found a treasure again!

Thought I’d share! :o)

This quilt will need a few repairs, but it is beautiful!  I asked the lady if she knew any of the history behind it.  She said it had been in her family after they had received it from a group of church ladies in small Northern Minnesota city at least 40 or 50 years ago.  Apparently this group of church ladies got together and handmade quilts as part of their ministry.  It is very evidently handmade.  I could tell this was a gem at first glance!  Another vintage quilt to add to my collection!

I also wanted to share a quilt that I finished a little while ago, but realized I hadn’t shown yet!  My Awesome Quilt!

Awesome Quilt front.

Awesome Quilt back.

As I had mentioned in an earlier post, inspired by a quilt I had seen on Pinterest!  And I absolutely love how it turned out!  Love!!

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