Busy, busy bees {with Scotish flare}

It was quite a busy night tonight with my sewing girls {and Mr. Man!}!  Katie got her quilt top almost all finished, Dani got all of her blocks cut and flipped for her quilt, Mr. Man got busy with his kilt, and I finished an up-cycled infinity scarf and pillow that have now been added to my Etsy shop!  I have just been making away!  Make sure to swing on by and take a look :o)

So I just have to share….

Mr. Man is amazing!  I heart him!  And he is sewing away on a project like no other!  I must first say – yes, his is part Scotish; yes, he is actually going to wear it; and yes, he is going to do it all on his own {with a little help from Salami}!  I have had no part in this all.  Mr. Man is making himself a kilt! {not a traditional one just yet…starting with a utility kilt}.

All marked out and pinned.

Using the zipper foot {which I’ve never even used!}.

Gathering at the waist {from the back}.

Gathering at the waist {from the front}.

It’s beginning to look like a kilt!

 Now, Mr. Man has never really sewn before, just a button here – repairing a rip there.  And then he decides to tackle a kilt!  Yep, he’s amazing!

It’s getting there!  He’s ready to put the waist band on next, then hem, and the details.  The pattern is from the wonderful forum site X Marks the Scot.  And he better finish it quick, we have a Renaissance Festival to go to!

Once he’s done with this kilt, Mr. Man already has a few other people to make a utility kilt for….and the fabric to make a traditional kilt with the tartan-style fabric.

Don’t worry, I will update as he goes!

Until next time!

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