I have been crazy busy lately with working on pieces to add to ReCut Designs, and I haven’t taken enough time to work on Me-Projects.  Last night I took a little time to bring out a project – a project where the fabric has been sitting and waiting!

Beautiful Plaids with the binding all cut!

And today I had a bit of a hankering to do some hand-sewing after work.  I pulled out this beauty which will someday hang in a home Mr. Man and I own!  I bought the panel soon after my divorce as my “moving forward and loving it!” piece!  I am about half done with the hand-sewing, and now have that kick in the pants to have it done before we move to our next place {which won’t be for a while…the job hunt must be completed first…}

Can’t wait to find that perfect place in that perfect home to hang it!

It is so nice to be back doing a few things for me!

Oh, and last but not least….

Mr. Man earned some major points tonight when he walked in the door with these after work!


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