Christmas in September??

Yes please!

Or rather just a mailbox full of fabric to do the trick!

I came home for my lunch break today, and was greeted by two heaping packages on the front step.  I knew what was in them even before looking at the return address…  Fabric!!

I have been on a bit of a fabric haul lately.  I don’t participate in retail therapy in the form of clothes, shoes, or purses.  My retail therapy is fabric.

And with things up in the air lately, I have needed a bit.

My first bundle came from possibly my new favorite store…

Pink Castle Fabrics

Punch Drunk Love over these fabrics.

There has always been much love and adoration for the Metro Living Circles collection.
Working on figuring out a pattern for a London Lane quilt.

 And then we come to the second package from…..

I was so uber excited to get this package!
Beautiful blenders.
More beautiful blenders.
And then…..Woodland by Lecien.  Be still my beating heart!  With a dash of Millie’s Closet by Riley Blake up at the top.  There is a special little project waiting for this group.  But it shall wait.

 The best part, it was all on sale!  Most at least 50% off, oh how I love me a great sale!

And that isn’t all…I have some more on the way.  Yes, I went for it, really went for it.  I figured I rarely let myself get many pieces I have been fawning over for months, so why not, right?

With that, I leave you with a perfect cartoon I found while cruising the web yesterday:


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