Delivery of happy!

A glorious day!

After a day of work, and saying goodbye to a co-worker as he retires and moves onto the next adventure…I came home to a couple packages!

One was a package that Mr. Man and I have been waiting for!  Our Survival Bracelets!  Survival bracelets are made from military spec paracord, and can be used in all sorts emergency situations.  Another awesome thing, Survival Straps products are all made by hand in the US, and 50% of the proceeds go to the Wounded Warrior Project!  As a large supporter of our troops (myself) and a vet (Mr. Man), we loved knowing we were not only getting a product that could save our lives someday, but we are also helping those wounded while serving our country.

Mr. Man is still at work…so he’ll have to wait for his.  Me?  I busted mine right out of the package and on it went!

And the other package….oh how I have waited for this one too!  It was my order from Fat Quarter Shop!

Hello Winterkist!  :: from Happy Zombie (a.k.a. Monica Solorio-Snow)

I fell in love with this fabric the first time I saw it.  I’ve been watching the quilty shops to see when it was finally introduced, and had to snatch it up!

I especially love the gnomes!

A wonderful Monday it was!

What made your Monday a great day??


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