Restocking the thread

Since I have been on a quilty excursion lately, my thread stash has been greatly depleted! {at least one part of my stash is getting smaller in size…the fabric – not so much!}

Because I have been so awesome at growing my spools of thread in reverse, it was time to stock up.  And stock up, I did!  Connecting Threads has the best thread, let me tell you!  {and such great fabrics!}  At a reasonable cost too!  Then I had to also throw in a green and a navy for a few holiday projects coming up.

And yes, my collection of books has now been added to as well.  Come one, how could I not!  They were on sale!  Plus I needed to get the amount up just a tad after the thread to get free shipping, right??

Now that the thread has been restocked {and I can give Salami her spools back}, all has been made right in the world and I can continue sewing like a crazy awesome woman!  And I have so much more inspiration for the bins and bins all the fabric I have saved up!


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