[Pin]spired once again!

I have always seen pictures of paintings/art quotes with raised letters.  I have pinned a variety of them, and today was my day to begin the creation!

I chose a few quotes, and set off to JoAnn’s for wooden letters.  I already had the canvas and paint at home.  Love using things from the crafty closet, and not having to buy it all!

Thank goodness JoAnn’s had variety packs of the wooden letters.  I can’t imagine having to buy each one separate!

The first canvas is just about done, have to do the mod podge coat tomorrow.  I wasn’t sure what I wanted for the background of this piece.  That is, until I found a canvas I had begun years ago!  I was planning to do a geometric series and apparently hadn’t gotten too far.  But it worked great for this project!

 The second piece is still in-progress  I have each of the letters painted, just need to do the wash on the canvas and mod podge them all on!

Once these are both done, they will be up in our room!  The first – “Don’t forget to be awesome” already has a designated place!  Right above the light switch so we see it every day as we leave!

What projects has Pinterest inspired you to make??


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