Fall Art Crawl Weekend

Well, Hello Monday!

Mr. Man and I recently participated in the Fall Art Crawl downtown {so I apologize, this may be a photo heavy post}.  It was a bit slower than we would have liked, as with fall, you never can tell what Mother Nature will bring.  Unfortunately, she brought gloomy gray, cool showers, and chilly weather this time around.  None the less, we engulfed ourselves in the land of artists!

:: Mr. Man’s gorgeous pieces ::
:: My end of the world ::

He sold some amazing pieces, one of which I wouldn’t have minded coming home with me.  See that black and white vase in the first picture in the back row?

Yep, that one!  (sorry for the fuzzy phone photo)

Of course, first to go!

And a covered container with a beautiful cobalt blue interior.

And a tri-footed bowl, beautiful!

He still had some absolutely beautiful pieces left, which are now being added to his Etsy shop, The Gear Works, so be sure to head over and take a peak!  A few of my pieces with the gear, industrial and Steampunk theme have been allowed in as well.  :o)

Such an amazing and talented man I have the privilege of being with!

What did you do this weekend??


2 thoughts on “Fall Art Crawl Weekend

  1. Yay, I started following you too! That's so neat that both you and your man are creative. My hubby doesn't really have a creative bone in his body. Love that black and white pottery. Does Mr. Man actually have a kiln all set up at your house?

  2. Yay! Thanks for the follow! He has a kiln, but its not all plugged in just yet. He found it on Craigslist and needs to do a little bit of fixing on it. He is taking a class through the VA though, so at least he's getting his creativity on!

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