It’s coming…

I know, I know…it is only October, and Halloween hasn’t come yet…

But I love Christmas and kinda wish it lasted all year long!


Come on now, I can’t be the only one out there (I know Dani is with me on this one!).  I mean, I’ve been on Pinterest too much a wee bit lately, and all the Christmas pictures are popping up all over!

Ideas for decorating outside…


Ideas for decorating inside…


Beautiful snowy, winter wonderland photos…

beauty of Christmas

DIY gifties…


Delicious Yum Yums to make…

Festive Cheddar Tree

Places the Elf has been seen…

Sipping on Syzzrp Elf on the Shelf Clyde is always hitting on Barbie.

Vintage Christmas…


Modern Christmas…


Simple Christmas…


Elaborate Christmas…

Christmas Furbabies…

this would be the best christmas gift ever.  happy holidays!!

Christmas Kiddies…

sb random 01 Sunday brunch (60 photos)



One thought on “It’s coming…

  1. I LOVE Christmas and always start listening to Christmas music beginning November 1st (only 2 weeks away!) The pictures that you posted are great inspiration – I need to spend more time on pinterest. My favorites are the pictures for simple Christmas (Christmas lights around logs in a fire place, adorable stockings) and elaborate Christmas (full tree and garland on the mantle).

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