Quilting Retreat with my ladies!

Two of my girlfriends and I {along with Salami}, we call ourselves the 3 Young Chicks & the Hot Hen, have been wanting to do a quilt retreat for a while.  Now, if you don’t know, these girls and I get together once a week at my house and quilt.  Not exactly what one may picture when I say, “I’m getting together with my girlfriends.”  After all, we are only in our twenties.

Anyways, this weekend was our retreat weekend!  And what better place to do it than here?  Little travel involved, we have our machines, all our fabric, and plenty of places for everyone to stay.

So it started Thursday night {our usual night of sewing}.  Dani stayed the night, but unfortunately Katie had to work Friday, so she came back after work.  It was a wonderful time full of laughter, junk food, movies, sewing, and creating!  Jeans were not allowed – comfy pants only!  We stayed up late.  We slept in.  It was awesome!  Just what we all were needing.  Some time to escape “real life” and enjoy some girl time.  Besides the three of us, Salami and Grandma also joined in.

:: Get ready for a lot of pictures! ::

Friday afternoon, we made some fall favorites:  apples and caramel sauce, apple sauce, caramel puff corn, and a favorite dish of penne pasta, chicken and veggies for dinner.  It was absolutely delicious!

Then it was to the basement to our Sewing Lair!  First things first, get fabrics out and start cutting!

Dani cutting her pieces out.
And Katie arranging her pieces.

I already had my pieces cut out from the previous night, so I started sewing.

We also popped a couple tons of movies in throughout the weekend.  Let me see if I can remember them all!  Thursday was…Despicible Me and Monsters, Inc.  Friday was…Cinderella and Elf.  Saturday was…Santa Claus, Nightmare Before Christmas, White Christmas, Snow White and the Huntsman.  And some of them were our old VHS, I know, right!

Saturday, we all slept in a bit and made brunch.  And then it was back to sewing!

Katie and Dani both finished their winter table runners.

Katie’s table runner.
Dani hand sewing!  {a rare sight around here, she usually machine binds…}
Dani’s table runner.

I finished my little project, of which I can’t show the whole things yet!  Once they have been gifted…I can share.

Ah!  They’re so cute!

And then to more projects!

Dani finished an Autumn table runner.

Such a simple one!
I love the text!

And I made a Christmas apron!

Loving it!
Hello beautiful bow!
Love this fabric!  Vintage Mainstreet Christmas!

Mr. Man was also home this weekend, and to escape the estrogen….he worked in his studio!  {which also happens to be our somewhat messy garage…I tried to crop out as much as I could, lol!}

It was an absolutely wonderful time had by all, and we can’t wait to do it again!!  And a few things crossed off my 100 Days to Hustle list!

What did you do this weekend?


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