A look into my Sewing Lair

I have been asked lately where exactly it is that I sew.  Why, in our Sewing Lair, of course!  Really – the family room turned sewing lair.

It may look super messy to some, but I call it comfortable.  This is our normal.  We have projects going on, we work in it, we are sewing pretty much every day.  I don’t call it messy, I call it a Working Studio.  I have nothing against those who keep their sewing studio clean and tidy at all times, but it just doesn’t work that way around here.  We make messes, we are sometimes working on more than one project at a time, and frankly, there are often at least three of us sewing at once!

We have the stash!  Mine currently sits in the storage room {and maybe a few other bins stashed around} until Mr. Man and I find a place.

We have our iron area.

We have the project corner.

And the batting/rolled fabric area.

And the pool table cutting table, which is currently housing a couple of my recent boxes!

And of course, my sewing table with my current project.

Like I said, it isn’t tidy, it may look like a tornado went through, but its is our working studio!  It will not be Salami’s or my forever studio, we kind of kicked her out of hers when we moved in.  But it is comfortable, big enough for us all to work in, and the place I love spending many of my evenings!

What does your sewing studio look like?  Any special features you have in yours?


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