October in Review

Can you believe it is already November?  Where has the year gone?  I guess it’s true what they say – time goes quicker as you get older.

Anywho, here is what October brought:
Table toppers for The Gear Works – finished
Autumn table runner – finished
Harvest Moon – top done
Two new fleecies for the little man – finished (and he can’t even look away from the tv long enough for a photo…)
Scarf for Mr. Man – finished
Green Crystalline – blocks done
Gifties for the little ones – finished
Mainstreet Christmas Apron – finished
Scotland Lane
In November, plans include:

   – Finish Green Crystalline
   – Start & finish Blue Crystalline
   – Make stockings for Mr. Man & I 
   – Finish many gifties
   – Make some pillow cases to send to police officers affected by Hurricane Sandy
   – Make a little something for my niece or nephew due in April –
          yep, that’s right, my brother is going to be a daddy!  So excited!
   -And last, but not least – listen to lots of Christmas music!!

Ambitious list…I know, we’ll see how I do.

Lily's Quilts
Lily's Quilts

I am linking up to Fresh Sewing Day and the Small Blog Meet over at Lily’s Quilts.  Be sure to stop on over!

What did you work on in October?

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