Fracture won’t keep me down!

Hello again!  I am back!

So many things have been going on already this year, I can’t believe it is almost February!  The beginning of the year has been full of job searching, working, house chores, praying to know where we’ll end up soon so we can get a place of our own and stop living out of boxes.  And the workout regimen has greatly increased for the physical agility tests that I am having to take along with written tests for job openings.

A wicked awesome illustration by Jeff Victor!

All of that along with a fracture in the wrist which has put a slight damper on my sewing…so sad.

Hello happy cast…splinting the not-so-happy fractured wrist.

Thankfully I’ve been able to work on a few {small} things here and there!

Quilting away on a few gifty quilts.
A gander at a new EPP project.
Hot pads for our future place.
The beginnings of a Sprocket Pillow.

I can’t get enough of all of those bright, fun fabrics!

Oofta, enough typing for the wrist tonight…have a wonderful one!


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