A chilly one out there today!

And that doesn’t count the wind chill!

It was a frigid one today.

Then the night just continued…

The fracture is now in a cast until Worker’s Comp okay’s an MRI.  Then MRI, then {whatever the next move is}.

This may put a slight damper on the quilting world, at least until I learn to be a lefty.

And just after I started a fun project!

Oh well, at least I waited 20-something years for my first cast!


8 thoughts on “Ooofta!

  1. Ouch! Take it easy. I know it's boring being in a cast, but you want it to heal properly otherwise it'll end up aching in bad weather (like me! yes, at 28, I'm a little old lady). Look after yourself.E

  2. Brr, ouch, and THAT IS WHAT KIND OF QUILT I AM GOING TO MAKE!!! But mine will be a first attempt at quilting… You know I might be calling you if I have questions right? Haha. Take it easy! Let me know when you are going to come visit! Hopefully soon we will have a house, and you are more than welcome to come once we do!! 🙂

  3. Ambitious for your first one! Challenge accepted, right?! And you know you can always call!! Miss you much, send some sunshine and warm weather this way! 🙂

  4. Definitely a damper on the rotary! And the quilting… 😦 I have 3 quilts sitting and waiting to be quilted, and I'm just itching to get them finished!

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