Not a fan

And the verdict is….

Nothing broken in the hand or wrist!  So now it is onto therapy for the hand.  And a personally made splint.

Oh, and “No use of the right hand for 2 weeks.”  <–What??  Oh, this will be a challenge.
Okay, challenge accepted.  I’ve already gone one week, whats two more, right?
I wracked my brain, and started thinking of things that I can do…
:: Play with baby kitty.
:: Catch up on some reading.
::Watch my shows that have been piling up.
 :: Nap while cuddling with baby kitty {if he’ll stay in one spot long enough}.

:: Practice writing as a lefty.

:: Give lefty high-5s.

Hmmm, a decent list so far.  We’ll have to see what else we can add to it.  Any ideas??

Until next time. 🙂

** Disclaimer:  No right hand use was utilized in this posting. **

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