Triangle Treats

I have fallen in love with equilateral triangles!  I fell in love with them a while ago when they started popping up all over Pinterest.  But I love them even more now that I’m making a triangle quilt!

I’ve been working on this little diddy for a dear friend of ours, who also happens to be our massage therapist.  And when I saw massage, I’m not talking candles, pretty music, hot stones…I’m talking digging in the muscles, finding sore spots you didn’t know existed.

A little about our dear Erin.  She is a spit-fire, and has magic hands.  She is a lovely 5′-something shorty {and I mean that in the best way} chicky, tat-ed, and get this….a power lifter!  No kidding!  Needless to say, she has the power to give the deep tissue massages.  And, she’s slightly obsessed with Hello Kitty.  I’m talking Hello Kitty phone case, Hello Kitty planner, Hello Kitty socks.  And her husband is going to be so happy with me…so the owner of a Hello Kitty quilt!

Well, the top is finished, the back is together, and I’m ready to layer and quilt!  But that shall wait until tomorrow.

Until next time!

2 thoughts on “Triangle Treats

  1. I am not a hello kitty fan… I've just never gotten it. BUT I think this is a super cute quilt! I think all those little faces are just too cute! And the pops of bright gorgeous solids! Just lovely. I'm sure Erin will love it.E

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