Knotty Quilt

Have you seen the tree quilts on Pinterest?

My girls and I have.  And we fell in love, with the trees, and hearts, and love 🙂

At least twice a year, we all do a project – same pattern – and watch the different variations come out.  It’s pretty fun with the four of us each doing it.  We have done the Dissappearing 9-Patch, Square-in-a-Square, pillow cases, tea towels, and now the trees!

We started with the hearts…

Needless to say, it is taking us a bit longer than we thought, there is a whole lot of quilting to these babies!  But we’re almost done!

The amount of bobbins in this quilt….oofta! (And yes, way more than three, I just like to have extras waiting for me.)

I am all done with my quilting, have the heart on – now to trim and bind.  I am absolutely in love with the texture and detail with this quilt.  (please excuse that the color is a little off…the lighting in the basement isn’t the best.  And it happens to be almost 10pm.)

I love that you can see the quilting of the heart on the back too.

I can’t until we’re all done to see how different they all are!  It’s been exciting to watch them along the way.

Until next time… 

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