Really Random Thursday

I must say, I like Random Thursday, because some posts just don’t really fit anywhere else.

The post today is about my dear, lovey kitty cat. Clifford is the love who found me through a call at work.  I brought little 4-week old him to the vet (we don’t typically pick up cats), and went back to visit him often. Then I named him, and that was it. I was in between places to live and crashing at my parents, but I found a friend to foster him until Mr. Man and I found an apartment.

On our way home!
Little man would pass out in your arms as you scratched his head…aww!

Fast forward two years, and he is a happy, energetic, toddler-type, attention craving, social lovey cat.

Cliffy just chillin’ in the sink…weird.
Floppy, sleepy kitty.

He also likes to eat flowers….which was evident this morning when I walked into the kitchen…

 Yep…pretty tulips that have been gnawed at…and demolished.

 Needless to say…whenever we have fresh flowers in the house, we are soon reminded that Clifford cannot be left alone with them.  He hasn’t quite learned to resist the temptation!

I’m linking up with Live a Colorful Life for Really Random Thursday!

Until next time!

4 thoughts on “Really Random Thursday

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