6 weeks without sewing??

Oh my goodness…I leave in a week!  For 6 weeks!  What?!  6 weeks without my sewing machine?  

            That means a hefty hand sewing project shall be planned…

So what am I leaving to do for 6 weeks?  Away from home, and Mr. Man, and Cliffy, and Salami, and my sewing girls, and my machine you ask?

I got a new job!  Wahoo!!  One that I have been waiting for since last….May.  Yes, almost a year and 30 job applications later!

And get this, they contacted me!  Really?  Yes!

So next Sunday, I will be leaving on a jet plane with books to read, hand sewing to do, and excitement out the wazoo…

           6 weeks of training, 6 weeks of pushing to the limits, 6 weeks of studying.  Let’s do this!

Until next time…

2 thoughts on “6 weeks without sewing??

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