Miss me?

And I’m back!

I’ve actually been home a week, but started work as soon as I got home from training out in Montana.  I will say, it was beautiful out there, but it was so nice to be home!

I didn’t even sew at all last week, I was wiped!

Sunday I was back to it!  Miss Ashlee was over sewing, and that helped me get back to my lovely machine.  And sadly, even though Ashlee just joined us recently for sewing night with the girls, she will soon be leaving us. 😦  She is off to the south for a job.

What have I worked on you ask?  Well, making a big block vintage sheet quilt, a thread catcher for Miss Ashlee to take with her on her adventure, and continuing to work on my little hand sewing project.

It is so nice to be back!

Until next time…

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