What’s meant to be

Now that I have been back from training about a month and am beginning to settle into my job, things have settled down a bit around here.  Granted – another change will come Monday when I start my actual shift of afternoons.  I’m really looking forward to it.  Anyone who know me knows that I am not a morning person, so getting up at dark 5:15 was not exactly my idea of fun.

Along with the settling into the changes in life, I’m revamping my blog a bit.  I have always loved all of the quilting and crafting blogs out there, and I strived to be like them.  Though, I don’t have the time to blog everyday like many of them do.  And I have felt a bit pressured to have different projects and inspirational ideas abound.  I know the pressure was just from myself.  I felt tapped out of creativity, and was struggling to not post about the same thing time after time.  I wanted to be a blogger that was read by many and received many comments.  But I think with finding a job that I enjoy in a field that I am passionate about, having a man that I love and love being with, and spending wonderful time with family and friends – my need to be out there is not there any longer.

Have no fear, the blog will continue, just have a different goal in mind.  A place to jot down projects, inspirations, different happenings in life. 

So today begins a new day, and a different way of looking at what this blog is to me.  

Until next time..

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