Just another…

….Manic Monday!

My mind is on vacation still…and I love it!

Today was full of massages, time with Mr. Man, window-shopping in Target, and a tour of my work (along with the wonderful task of will and estate planning – bleh).  There just isn’t much that is romantic about “planning what to do when I die”, doesn’t have a very romantic tone to it for date night, but a must.

As you can guess, the few things at Target turned into a whole cart full.

“We need nail clippers and a shower curtain” turned in to….

“Oh, look – Clearance!  I am going to look for a few new tanks” turned in to…..

“Hmmm, we’re kind of hungry.”

And so we ended up with the cart full and 6 bags later.  Target – you do that every time!  List or no list!

But at least I got the whole day with Mr. Man, and neither of us had to work, yes!

And I am now off to watch some America’s Got Talent and work on a bit of sewing. :o)

Until next time..

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