Wonderful Little Vacation

I’ve had a wonderful little vacation these last few days, and I’ve been loving it!

Time was spent away from home, antiquing and fabric shopping with family (Mr. Man – who shall be known from here on out as Lovie – even got fabric for a quilt in the works), walks, and -of course- sewing. 

Since today has been absolutely gorgeous, Lovie and I started it off with a walk along the lake with the sister-in-law and nephew, then out for a pizza and gelato lunch.  As soon as we got back, I wasn’t ready to sit in the house so I took a walk in Salami’s garden. It is exploding with green after the wet spring and summer we’ve had!
There are also some beautiful blooms left after the storms. 

Now back to sewing to finish a few things up so I finally can show them!  I’ll be in the studio with the windows open, sun shining in, and being serenaded by Michael Buble and The Rat Pack!

Until next time..

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