Things I won’t pay for

After reading J. Money’s list of things (indulgences) that he flips the greenbacks out for over at Budgets are Sexy, and Em’s list of things she won’t pay for at Blonde & Balanced – I decided to make a list of my own.

So the list goes:
Things I won’t pay for
1. Car Payments – at least not for a while longer. The ‘rents SUV will soon be passed to me to replace my money-hungry little car. 
2. Manicures/pedicures – my nails are rarely done, plus all the horror stories freak me out. 
3. Gym membership  – thank goodness we have a gym at work that we can use for free!
4. Apps – I can’t justify paying for an app when there are so many great ones for free. 
5. Seasonal fashion items – like those super bright neon pants, oofta.  I set my own trends…ha!
6. Clothes at full-price – I beeline straight for the sale racks. 
7. Movie tickets – Lovie and I use gift cards or earn free tickets with our Coke Rewards. 
8. Parking at events – we either bus or take the train in to avoid the traffic and hassle of parking. 
9. Personal trainer – I figure it out or ask family/friends in the biz. 
10. Candy at the movies – much cheaper at the gas station. Popcorn, on the other hand, is sometimes purchased. 
Okay, so apparently I can’t think of too many at this exact moment.  I shall add to the list as I think of things.

What are things you just can’t pay for??

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