What’s my motivation?

A photo I took while at the Archie Bray Foundation grounds in Helena, MT.

As I was sitting at work today, I looked out the window, and saw a wedding party outside in the beautiful weather with their photographer.  Now, I’ve been married before – it didn’t work out – but I still look forward to getting married again someday. Albeit a much smaller wedding without all the costly hoopla. 

I’ve also been reading some personal finance related blogs lately, and one brought up the question ‘what is your motivation to become debt-free?’
Why, to not live paycheck-to-paycheck, obviously. Insert common answer here.
But I really sat and thought about it. My motivation for becoming debt-free is to be able to be comfortable in my life and be able to afford and have the things I’ve wanted, but never really thought I would get because of trying to make someone else happy (who, it turned out, didn’t want much of the same as me).  This second time around, I’m working to focus more on me, and not losing myself in the process.

Mountains through the arches, Archie Bray Foundation grounds in Helena, MT.

Thankfully, I have also found a man who wants many of the same things that I do. Similar things in a home, a marriage, our family, and a similar outlook on what happiness and contentment mean to us. 
A few things we look forward to as we reduce our debt – and eventually make it to debt-free:
–  A house in which we can work on together to make it our home.  A place to live together, grow together, worship together, and raise a family together. 
–  A small and intimate wedding in which those closest and dearest to us can come help us enter into a cherished union.  A day for us, a day to celebrate our love. 
–  The chance to start a family of our own. While Lovie has children from a previous marriage, I do not have children yet. I have always dreamed of being a mother, and know my time will come one day. (Until then, we at least have our nieces and nephew to hold me over).
–  And, last but certainly not least, the satisfaction in knowing that we are able to stick to our commitment to each other, and to kicking our debt to the curb together!
So I ask you, ‘What is your motivation?’

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