Full speed ahead!

Budgets and debt have been on my mind lately. I don’t know about anyone else, but I get kind of stupid excited when I think of budgeting, seeing where my money is going, and all that jazz. I even helped Lovie with his one night after work when he was ready for bed. Just stupid excited – weird, I know.
I have been reanalyzing my budget and goals lately, and was faced with a bit of a dilemma. I needed to reboost my emergency fund.  Then to pay off my credit card debt.  I started a somewhat budget in the beginning of this year.  After almost maxing out my cards and watching my paycheck get spent just as I get it, I knew it was time to sit down and change things. After all, Lovie and I have some big goals we are working towards (or at least trying to at this point!).
The serious budget updating began. I took a look at my monthly expenses, my payment minimums, and decided where to ‘trim the fat’.  Lovie and I also sat down and talked about our goals and what it would take to get there. Once the goals were established, the budgets were made. It was a little difficult for both of us since we don’t have set income each month, they vary with overtime, stipends, etc.  We were at least able to figure out a minimum to use for our budgets, and have places for the overflow to go.
I’m now able to look ahead and see a somewhat distant time when I’ll be debt-free. Along with knowing we are both contributing to make our dreams and goals come true!

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