Tree Quilt Finishes!

And our tree quilts are done!!
A while back, Katie found a quilt on Pinterest that looked like a tree with initials carved in it.  We decided that would be our next project to all work on.  We girls often like to make a quilt with the same pattern and different fabrics, and see the different variations.
We got enough brown flannel for the front and back of all our quilts (on sale at JoAnn’s, yay!), and went through our flannel left overs for the hearts.  Then we were on our way, layering and quilting to our hearts content!  (No pun intended).  
Goodness gracious, there was a heck of a lot of quilting that went into these babies!  You don’t really think about how long wood-grain takes to quilt until you start. It sure was fun to check-in along the way to see how different everybody’s was turning out. 
It took quite some time, especially with only working on it once a week, but they are done and look awesome!

We had a little photo shoot outside in the garden with them. As one friend said, “they’re out in their natural habitat!”  Haha, I suppose they are!  Katie wasn’t able to make it for the shoot, she was out house-hunting with her hubby (exciting!).
Don’t they look great out there??  I love how they turned out. I’m not so sure I would make another one… Maybe a mini size!

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