Time to trim the fat

…in both my finances and off my body!

And where do I sit as I write this?  Why at Caribou of course, a place I’m trying to trim from. But it is a special treat today as I wait for Lovie to finish class so we can head to the art museum.

After looking at my mid-month amounts, I began looking at the budget (and in the mirror) to see where I could trim some of the fat.

Budget-wise: All of the stops at Caribou for my fruffy coffee drinks and the gas station/vending machine for snacks or pop.  The ‘Latte Factor’ as some call it.  My drink of choice is a medium caramel cooler-hold the whip (a choice I made on the whip a while ago after seeing how many calories it added to the drink).  During the holidays though, it changes to a medium chocolate cooler with dark chocolate, crushed candy canes mixed in-hold the whip, but a few candy cane pieces on top.  It is absolutely like Heaven or Christmas in a cup!!  Now, these drinks are typically about $4.60 a pop.  I try and save on them where I can (10% off when you bring your own reusable cup, and 10 cents off if you answer the daily trivia correct).  That still adds up to be a pretty penny at the end of the month though!  I did an estimate of what I’ve spent so far…$80.00 and there is still a week left of September!  That’s $80 that could have been added into my emergency fund, or paid towards my credit cards.  Or $80 that could have been used for my car expenses.  $80 that could have helped so I didn’t feel so bogged down, paycheck-to-paycheck.

Health- and fitness-wise:  Those pesky pounds that I can’t seem to lose.  Granted, I don’t work out an much as I used to, but I’m getting back to it.  I don’t have a gym membership – that didn’t quite fit into the budget – so I do a lot of walking and running outside or at the mall (yep, I’m a mall walker).  And thank goodness we have a fitness center at work that I can use free of charge!  We’re also all given an hour each shift to workout.  With that, there’s no excuse not to workout!  I can typically get a good run, rowing session, or body weight circuit in during those workouts with enough time to shower and get back in uniform.  I’ve also stayed after my shift many times if I haven’t been able to workout during work to get my fitness in.  I’ve shed at last 5 pounds since August and am headed in the right direction.  I’ve also joined a group fitness thing at work with the goal to run/walk/exercise the equivalent to a marathon in a 10-week period.  I am hoping to run equivalent to 2 marathons in that time.  That’s 70 days to do 52.4 miles.  The clock started yesterday and I got 2.5 miles in the books.  I’ve also talked with the family about doing a 5k on Thanksgiving morning near home.  So far, I think Lovie is on board!

I’ve known it was time for a while.  I know that it isn’t going to be easy.  But it is time, and I am ready to take hold of my irrational spending and my fitness and health, and get things in order.

What have you done to help trim the fat?

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