A little bit ‘o ink

Lovie and I had an adventure over the weekend. The day of our next tattoos! We have been planning this trip for about two years now, and have been trying to actually schedule an appointment for 2 months! The day finally came!

And no worries, they didn’t break the bank on the budgeting side, we’ve been saving up for them for a while.

This wasn’t a ‘first’ for either of us (it’s actually my third), but our first time being there together for tattoos. Our artist, Steven, was awesome sauce! He even had some ideas sketched up for us before we even arrived!

20130930-194119.jpgI know some people may not look too highly upon tattoos – after I got my first one, my ex-father-in-law even said “you know they are permanent, right? You can’t really get it removed.”  What?! Oh shoot. I always wait at least a year with ideas, let them sit and settle, make sure I really want them. My first tattoo I waited 8 years for. Each tattoo I’ve gotten has special meaning, and goes along with something in my life at the time I got it. I love each and every one of them!

So back to this session. Lovie and I wanted to get a tattoo together; no names or initials; something that had meaning to us. We decided to go with the anchor, because we have both been just that for each other, and plan to be for the rest of our years. I also got the word ‘Patience’ over my anchor. I must say (I know, I’m a little biased), they look amazing!


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