Saturday Savings Tally – Round 3

Happy Saturday!  I’ve added up my saving for the week.

So here we are, savings this week – even the pennies here and there count:

  • $0.98 – drinks at gas station
  • $0.80 – gas coupon
  • $15.00 – hobby item – discount
  • $0.02 – found money while out and about

Total Savings:  $16.80

Every little bit helps!

2 thoughts on “Saturday Savings Tally – Round 3

  1. I have been reading your savings/budgeting posts with interest. I remember when my daughters were young we invited my older brother to eat out with us. We had a coupon and one of my daughters said to my brother, “Look. This coupon will save us $2.00 (or whatever the amount was).” My brother responded, “The only way to save money is not to spend it.” That thought pops into my mind when I’m deliberating about buying a “want” instead of a “need.” I wish you all success with your savings efforts.

    • Oh Nancy, the “wants” vs. “needs” dilemma, and one I am working to get back to! It’s always a toughie to get back to differentiating where an item fits when you’ve tried to convince yourself that a want really “could” be a need. I hear you though. Thank you for stopping by and good luck to you as well on your savings. 🙂

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