The Reoccuring Dream

Oh life…how interesting you have been lately.

Lovie and I are participating in an art show this weekend at an artists loft in the city.  We have been in the art show for the last three years, and each time we do it we remember our dreams of living in a loft one day.  The beautiful architecture, the history, the creative inspiration with other artists all around.  Then we think of reasons not to when we go back home (which mind you, is in my parents’ basement right now).  We would have to pay for parking, community laundry, etc, etc, etc.  But every time we see a loft, or talk to our friends who currently live in lofts, the dream is brought back in full force.  So needless to say, we’ve been living for the dream these last couple of days once again.

Well, we made the jump to the first step – tomorrow we will be filling out applications to see if we qualify to reside in the lofts.  Now, there are not only minimum income amounts that a family must make, but also maximums.  Problem.  We may be above the maximum.  So we think to ourselves, how could two people who make little (one who is a full-time student and not currently working, and one who is working full-time but paying off large debts) be making too much?

So then we break it down a little further.  Lovie was working full-time (for very little, I might add) until school started, and will now be working basically nil while in school for the next few years.  What he did make was reduced immensely by the amount automatically taken out for child support.  I work full-time, with a bit of shift differential, and have done a bit of over-time.  A large majority of my check each month goes to pay down my debt that I’ve racked up.  We looked at the numbers tonight and just laughed at how much we actually have after those automatic payments.  It’s sad really.  Then we think – though they may say we make too much in order to qualify to live there…how is it that we make too much?  And if we feel this way for “making too much” while living paycheck-to-paycheck, how is everyone else in the 60-something lofts in the building making it at all?

I guess all we can do now is wait and see.  We will still be filling the applications out.  We will still always have the dream of living in a loft.  But we leave it in the hands of God.

As Lovie always says, “There is no need to worry and stress.  If it is meant to be, it will be.”

Well said, Lovie, well said.

3 thoughts on “The Reoccuring Dream

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