October Goals

20131007-224652.jpgAnother day of budgeting means another look at where the money is really going. I’m also a bit of a spreadsheet gal, so I made one up to track my spending each month, colorful pie chart and all! I began seriously tracking all spending in September. And yes, to the penny. After looking it over today and checking the totals, amounts spent in some of the categories blew my mind! $85 on gas station/vending/quick pick-up food? $92 at Caribou? Those two need to be cut significantly!

I also love checking out some of my fave blogs who do monthly goals and updates. So in true blogger (and person who needs some accountability ) fashion, I shall begin! Just a few goals each month (financial and general), nothing too crazy. I figure what better time than now? I know I’m a little late this month, but here we go!

October goals
– Cut food spending by 75%.
– Cut Caribou spending in half.
– Put all extra income to credit card debt.
– Workout 4xs per week (shouldn’t be too hard since I’ll be starting a fitness challenge with the sister-in-law mid-month).
– Do at least 10 flights of stairs at work each day (one flight at work is basically the amount of 2 normal flights).
– Work on a bit of meal planning for my hypoglycemia and now that I found out I have slightly high cholesterol.

And there we have it, my first list of monthly goals. I’ll update on the 1st of November with how I did with these and new goals for November.

What are your goals for the month?

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