I ♥ Autumn Tag

October in ReviewThe leaves are finally changing and have some strikingly beautiful colors this year.  I just want to pull my car to the shoulder and start snapping pictures everytime I’m out driving (no worries, that hasn’t happened yet…but almost!).  The bright reds, luscious golds, almost-white greens.  I just can’t get enough.  Favorite season by far!

On one of the blogs I read often, Girl Meets Debt started a little I ♥ Autumn tag.  She threw a few questions out, and I’m here to answer them.  Fall, oh how I love thee.

1. What signifies the start of Autumn for you?  When there is that change in the air, the brisk breeze, and the colors just begin popping out on trees.  I absolutely love those first few days of fall!

2. What is your favorite Fall scent?  I would have to say Apple-Cinnamon or Pumpkin.  The smell of something baking in the oven, a candle, whatever it is.  I love those scents.  Oh, and when you’re outside and can smell that someone is having a fire!  That bonfire or fireplace smell.  When you smell that, you know the cool weather of fall is upon us.

3. What is your favorite Autumn color?  The luscious terra-cotta or golds that show up in the trees and leaves.

4. What is your favorite Fall drink?  I do like the Pumpkin Spice drinks at Starbucks, but I don’t know if I would say they are my favorite.  I begin drinking a bit more tea in the fall though, Starfire Licorice is a favorite!

5. What TV show, new or old are you looking forward to this Fall?  Once Upon a Time, and interested to see the new one too!  And of course, Greys Anatomy, and I am really into Scandal now too.

6. What is your favorite Fall fashion trend? Scarves, comfy sweaters, and boots.  Those are my staples in the fall (really, scarves anytime throughout the year).

7. What is your favorite frugal Autumn activity?  That would definitely be going for walks with the family.  Oh, and going to the apple orchard!

8. Are you a bigger fan of Thanksgiving or Halloween?  Absolutely Thanksgiving!  I love the time with family, the season, and of course the food!  I’m not so much a fan of Halloween – I don’t like scary things.

Alright, now it’s your turn!  Join in and answer the questions in your own post with an #I♥Autumn tag or in the comments below!

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