No mooching around

Sometimes comments or assumptions from others just get under your skin.

I ran into an acquaintance today while out running errands.  Someone who I went to school with and we are the proverbial “friends” on Facebook.  We made the usual small talk – what are you up to, where are you living, how is the family, etc. etc. etc.

When I mentioned that Lovie and I were living with my parents right now, I received the comment, “Oh, so you’re mooching off your parents, eh?”

Oh, my dear mate who I haven’t seen, much less talked to, in years.  Let me tell you how it goes.  Lovie and I could be considered mooches if we didn’t have a plan set forth to be back out on our own.  If we hadn’t been trying to get a place of our own.  We have tried to apply to live in an artists loft, but we make too much.  We have tried to get pre-approved for a home loan, but we make too little.  Our debt is sadly working against us, but we are moving forward to get that all taken care of and paid off.  We have both been divorced, started over, and are trying to finally get back on our feet for good.

So I say to you, friend, no – we are not mooching off of my parents.  We are absolutely grateful that they have given us a place to stay while we get things in order to be back out on our own.  Is it tough? Yes.  Does it suck at times to be living in mom & dad’s basement while we are grown adults?  You bet.  But right now it is where we are, and where we need to be, and we are making the best of it!

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