30 Before Thirty

When I was in high school, I remember my friends and I wishing to be 20, thinking the world would be our oyster!  And 30?  Oh my, was that old!

Old??  Oofta, now I am just 8 short months away from it!  My girlfriends and I celebrated our first 29th birthdays this past summer and were debating if we’ll just continue with 29th birthdays, or actually turn 30 next year.  I think I will go ahead and celebrate 30, but we’ll see as it gets closer.

I’m not sure I am where I pictured my life as an almost 30-year old.  There were a few detours along the way.  I took a couple lefts when they should have been rights.  I’ve been to college a couple of times for two separate degrees, been married and divorced, found the man who was made for me, been a caregiver, become an aunt, gotten some ink, opened my wonderful Etsy shop, been momma to a few fur-babies, and so many other wonderful things.

So in these last few months of my first 29th year, I have decided to make a few goals of things to do before I’m the big 3-0.

30 before Thirty

  1. Go to the Science Museum with Lovie.
  2. Go tubing at the local ski hill.
  3. Participate in the Turkey Trot 5K.
  4. Find and participate in a Color Run.
  5. Sleep out under the stars on the deck camping style.
  6. Take a trip to meet Lovie’s dad.
  7. Try 2 new restaurants in the cities.
  8. Celebrate Niecey’s 1st birthday.
  9. Get engaged!
  10. Go to a roller derby.
  11. Paint and sell a piece of furniture.
  12. Go to Las Vegas.
  13. Lose 20 lbs. – and keep it off!
  14. Finish the Tumbling Gnomes quilt.
  15. Go snowboarding again.
  16. Make Rotha’s buns (family roll recipe) all by myself.
  17. Re-learn sign language.
  18. Spend a day off of work watching oldie movies from my childhood.
  19. Reupholster our chaise lounge.
  20. Finish the Scrappy Circles quilt.
  21. Get off the to gun range at least 3 times.
  22. Organize and declutter!
  23. Turn the Man Cupboard (our computer room) into a functional and comfortable space.
  24. Complete an entire sketchbook/art journal.
  25. Make 2 recipes from my Pinterest boards.
  26. Sew myself a skirt with fabric that has been waiting.
  27. Celebrate my 3rd Blogiversary!
  28. Head on down to the Paint Pub with a few of my favorite people.
  29. Get a family picture taken.
  30. Hang up my & Lovie’s Love Us wall.
  31. Pay off all credit card debt!

And one more for good measure!

There are a few here that have been started, or are soon to start.  I can’t wait to start checking things off!

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