Friday Life Update – Instagram Style!

Saturday and Sunday were busy, busy with the Art Crawl for Lovie and I. The Gear Works and Recut Designs made an epic show, once again! Stay tuned for more additions coming to Etsy stores near you!



We also spent a bit of time at the Farmers Market and got the news that we make too much to live where we’ve dreamt of living.


I received my package of Shakeology for my upcoming fitness challenge my sister-in-law has roped me in for.


I’ve also been working at getting back in the gym (or at least some form of cardio) at least 4 times a week. Even on those days I really don’t want to – but they always end up being the best days.


And today I treated myself to a Caramel Cooler at Caribou today after a week of work and commitment at the gym. I haven’t had one all week!! That’s a record for me, really!


A pretty good week all around I must say.

How was your week?

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