Make a Mess, Organize, Repeat

Today was spent at storage working to organize and declutter!  Which was also a part of #22 on my 30 Before Thirty list!

I have a storage locker that was quickly obtained a littler over 3 years ago when I left my ex-husband, so I had a place to put all of my goods that I was getting from the divorce.  Needless to say, I got a big one, because I knew it would soon fill up.  It began filling with a box here and there, then the big move happened.  I got the bedroom furniture, the hutch (which he never wanted anyways), the desk, a few comfy lounge chairs, the futon, the kitchen table and chairs, etc..  Thank goodness I hired movers to help with the big move from the house!  After I left and signed the house to him – I didn’t want that place, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to sell it – and got everything I was taking out, it was back to bunk with mom and dad.

Then Lovie and I got an apartment together.  I still had some space left in my storage, and his mom was kicking his stuff out of her storage locker, so to mine it came.  It soon became ‘our’ locker.  Once our lease was up and mom needed help caring for Grandma, we moved back with mom and dad.  Everything except what was needed at the house went back to storage.  There was a little extra overflow that also went to Lovie’s brother’s house.  Thank goodness they had space in their basement and the “rent” is able to be paid in beer!  Also, let’s add some heirloom pieces to Mom’s storage that were saved from Grandma’s house when it was cleaned out for when we get our next place.  That’s right guys, that means all of our cherished belongings are somewhere in one of 4 different locations.  Man, is it going to be like Christmas when we finally get a house!  We don’t even remember what’s in half of the boxes by now (about 2 years later).

Which brings us back to today.  We are now at the point of clean, organize, declutter, and decide what we can condense – save – or sell!  We kept finding things in which we both gave each other the ‘what did we save that for’ look.  Sell pile!  Those items have now been posted to sell (since it’s no longer garage sale season here), and the money will be put towards paying off debt so we can eventually get a house.  Oh, what a cycle it is.  And I can finally say, we have moved past the ‘someday’ stage.  The “oh, maybe we’ll need it someday, maybe we’ll use it someday” thinking.  The way we look at it – someday isn’t a day of the week, so it may never come.  Minimalist lifestyle – here we come!  At least we’re trying to get there.


Now that we’ve been through everything of ours, we will be heading back in the next few weeks to build a loft to get some of our items up off the ground to fit Mom’s items from her storage in there as well.  We’ll be able to split the cost, saving us at least $70 a month!  Oh, that is sweetness to my ears!

I must say, it was a successful day!  And look at all that tidiness and space!


2 thoughts on “Make a Mess, Organize, Repeat

  1. It’s so hard to get over the “I’m-going-to-need-that-someday” mentality. Especially with kids, I always want to hang on to things that might be perfect for the next little one. Good for you for getting past that and turning stuff into cash!

    • There are still times I slip up, and Lovie is almost there – so it’s a bit of a struggle at times. But so refreshing when we get the cash that used to be in our “someday” pile!

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