Fitness Challenge Day 1-3

I may have mentioned already that I joined a 30-day fitness challenge with my sister-in-law and a group of others.  We are doing the BeachBody challenge, which includes a fitness program of our choice (I chose to do P90X) and substituting one meal with Shakeology (I chose Vanilla).  The challenge is being done online with group motivation and check-ins.

My main goals for the 30-day challenge are:

  • Lose 15 lbs (almost my goal weight for #20 on my 30 Before Thirty list!)
  • Get definition in my back and arms, tone up the thunder thighs.
  • Meet and surpass fitness standards for work.
  • Reduce Caribou Coffee intake to 0-1 Caribou drink a week (which will also help the wallet!)

It all started this past Sunday, (10/13/13), so that brings us to Day 3 today.


Day 1 (10/13): Rest Day, just Vanilla Shake mixed with milk.  This was also our Before photos, weigh-in, and measurements day.  Oh my, was that a bit of an eye opener.

Day 2 (10/14): Shakeology made with peanut butter, grapes, blackberries, strawberries, peaches, and a bit of milk.  Holy awesome sauce, it was amazing!  P90X Chest & Back, and Ab Ripper X.

Day 3 (10/15): Shakeology made with milk and grapes (mighty tasty).  Tonight will be P90X Plyometrics.


On the money side, the challenge was a bit of green, but I am willing to spend a little to try something different to lose those pesky pounds.  Afterall, what I had been doing wasn’t making the difference I had hoped.  So far, I have purchased:

  • Vanilla Shakeology (thankfully borrowing P90X from my lovely sister-in-law)
  • Hamilton Beach Single Serve Blender
  • New tennis shoes (it was time to replace anyways)
  • New workout socks (time to replace anyways)

I’ll do another update as we go, at least to keep me going!  Encouraging words always welcome 🙂


2 thoughts on “Fitness Challenge Day 1-3

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