Babies, Babies, All Around

Well, baby fever has apparently hit in every direction around me.  It seems I can’t hop on Facebook these days without seeing one of these things:

  • Someone announcing they have a little bun cooking in the oven
  • Someone sharing pictures from their gender reveal party…pink or blue, that is the question!
  • Someone announcing they just welcomed their little one into the world
  • Someone showing newborn, 6-month, 1-year, etc. photos of their adorable little bright eyed babe

Just today, I saw a gender reveal party, a baby boy just born this morning, an announcement of twins that are expected, and a friend reminiscing about the journey to pick up their adopted little boy a few years ago.  Afterall, it was just 6 short months ago that my lovely brother and sister-in-law welcomed my little niece into the world.

And as I look at all of these announcements and pictures, there is a sound in the distance that seems to be getting closer.  What is that constant ticking?  Oh, that’s right, my biological clock!

I’ve always known that I would be a mother someday.  The maternal instincts kick into full force when I’m around my nieces and nephew.  They’re supposed to be living, moving, birth control, right?  Not the case here.  After I see, hold and play with my niece, the ticking seems to be a little bit lounder.  I walk through Target and see moms with their little babies in carriers.  I open Facebook and see, well, what’s all listed above.  I can’t even count on two hands how many ladies I know that are pregnant right now, either just beginning, or so incredibly ready to pop.

I know my time will come, I’m just a bit impatient.  Lovie and I are ready, we’ve prayed for it, wished for it to be our time.  It’s just not quite here yet.


4 thoughts on “Babies, Babies, All Around

  1. I hear you with the baby fever going around. My cousins just had a baby two weeks ago, and one of my former co-workers has been posting pictures of her baby on a daily basis since February. Thankfully I’m still young so none of my friends are having any yet. As far as I know, my cousins were trying for years and had seriously considered that something might be wrong, but then they got the news last year around Thanksgiving. I hope you will get your wish soon!

  2. Baby Fever!! The wife and I have noticed that a lot of young couples that we’ve met have children. We do not, and aren’t sure when or if we will. Children are a blessing, but what a responsibility! 🙂

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